Smart Heat Control Systems

Using a smartphone, tablet or touchscreen controller, you can install multiple temperature sensing devices around the home without the need of altering existing pipework or damaging any existing fixtures and fittings.

Do SMART Heating Controls Save Me Money?

Yes you can save money as long as you use them in the correct way.

SMART heating systems will work out when the heating needs to turn back on, just in time to get your house at the correct temperature when you come home.

Some of the newer, more intelligent SMART heating controllers have a function that knows what the outside temperature is. So, if it colder than usual outside, the SMART system knows this and will turn on the heating a little bit earlier than normal. Now that’s smart!

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    How Long Till A SMART Thermostat Pays For Itself?

    According to British Gas, you could save up to £150 a year on your energy bills by using a Smart Heat Control System.

    Netatmo says that by using a SMART heating thermostat you can use 37% less energy. And Honeywell state that by upgrading to an evohome smart zoning system could deliver up to 40% savings on heating your home.

    SMART Multi-room Thermostatic Controls

    By using your smartphone or tablet you can control the temperature of any room in your house. So lets say you are watching TV in your living room, then there’s no real need to have the heating on in the hallway or bathroom. You can turn down the heating for these areas from your smartphone whilst sat on the sofa.

    If you are away for the weekend and no one is at home, there’s no need to have the heating on. As you get near to your home, you can use your smartphone to turn on the heating, so it’s nice and cosy for when you arrive.

    Honeywell Connected Specialist

    Wherever you are, you can monitor what’s happening in your home using your smartphone or tablet. You can easily view and change the temperature, set the timing for your heating anywhere, any time. It’s very SMART!

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