Unvented hot water cylinder

An unvented hot water cylinder will deliver hot water at mains pressure. This is great for increasing the performance of your bath or shower. As the cylinder heats up your water, pressure builds. An expansion vessel allows this pressure to be released as a fail-safe when hot water gets above its set temperature.

Why should I have a hot water cylinder installed?

If you want hot water at the same pressure as your cold water mains, then fitting an unvented hot water cylinder is for you. It will improve the performance of your shower and bath.

The hot water tanks can be put anywhere in the house and will stay hotter for longer, have a much quicker recovery and generally more reliable.

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    What are the benefits of an unvented hot water cylinder?

    Connected to your mains water supply, hot water cylinders provide stored hot water at mains pressure. This is great to enjoy improved shower and bath performance all year round! But of course this does depend on the strength of the mains water in the first place.

    Hot water cylinders don’t need to be in the loft and allows the system to heat both the water and radiators at the same time. A combi boiler can only do one job at a time.

    Do I need to service my unvented hot water cylinder?

    The quick answer is yes! You do need to service your boiler and your water cylinder on a regular basis. A qualified heating engineer will perform a thorough manual check of all safety discharge valves, incoming mains pressure and occupiers outlet pressure.

    It shouldn’t take more than an hour or two to perform a service. If the heating engineer is servicing the boiler and checking all the piping and radiators, then it will take longer.

    Do you have any

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