Power flushing central heating

Power flushing is a method of cleaning a central heating system. It’s a means of pushing water at a high velocity through the system to remove sludge, limescale and debris built-up over several years. A result of power flushing will improve heating your property and therefore reduce heating bills.

What is power flushing?

A powerflush will force water through and remove debris to prevent blockages and corrosion. It is also great to improve the efficiency of the central heating system.

Over several years your central heating system may create contaminants such as rust and sludge. They will start to build up in your radiators and pipes and seriously affect the efficiency of a heating system.

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    Why should I power flush my central heating system?

    If you are having problems with your central heating system, a power flush might be recommended. There are obvious signs that suggest you need to speak with a heating engineer.

    • When you feel your radiators they are cold. Mainly at the bottom. But your pipes are hot
    • You hear lots of noise from the boiler
    • You notice discoloured water when you bleed the radiators
    • Your house isn’t heating up quickly
    • The boiler is shutting down and needs restarting on a regular basis
    • If you change the boiler, then the whole system needs to be power flushed

    What are the benefits of power flushing a central heating system?

    Your radiators will heat up quicker and get hotter than they did before. You’ll get a more efficient boiler and this will reduce the amount of energy used and reduce your bills.  You should notice you will get higher hot water temperatures and increase the life of your central heating system.

    How often should you power flush central heating?

    Some boilers have copper heat exchangers that corrode quicker than stainless steel. So it depends on the type of boiler you have and how often you have had the boiler serviced. A power flush should only be necessary every 5 or 6 years to remove sludge, rust and any other contaminants.

    Do you have any

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